Orion Maltese Pilsner
Orion Maltese Pilsner

Orion Maltese Pilsner

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Honour House Maltese Pilsner - This German style pilsner is noble in hop character with pronounced notes of sweet herb and spice. A light bodied beer brewed with imported German malts, the malt character is slightly sweet which nicely balances the refreshing bitterness of the German hops. Hold it up to the fire light to see the bright colours of creamed honey and straw.

Honour House - Based in New Westminster, is a "Home away from Home" and a place of recovery for our emergency service personal, Canadian Armed forces, veterans, and their families. A dollar from each pint of Maltese Pilsner sold will be donated to Honour House.

5.5% ABV  32 IBU 4 SRM


4x473ml Cans

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